How technology has affected our everyday lives

The development and improvement of technology has greatly improved our lives. It has led to a far better, easier and very comfortable life for the people. There are various ways through which technology has changed our lives and this includes the following:

The rise of the internet technology has improved our daily lives in very many ways. The world business and trade has become very fast, easier and more reliable. You can now transact business with a person who is very far from you without any difficulties. It has become easier to book railway tickets, bus tickets and even flights at the comforts of your home without having to move. The payment of bills and other accounts related jobs of every business entity is easily managed by the available online facilities. Financial institutions and banks have introduced online internet systems which makes life easier. The introduction of ATMs has made it very possible to withdraw money at anytime of the day. Also it has become easy to advertise through the internet and thereby promoting the business in a faster way.

Banks and other financial institutions are now filling data in the computer instead of doing it manually as they used to do in the old days.This makes it easier to fine the name of the customer, address, email address, birth date, phone numbers and even the location. Also the clients can get a very quick access at their account balances by logging in to the bank website.With the rise of computer technology, credit cards and other plastic money which are very useful especially when one do not have cash at hand or when one is ordering online products and or services have manufactured.

The impact of technology is a very good classical example of the way our lives has improved due to technology. The ancient people did not get the chance to learn in interactive classrooms with projectors and even 3D images. Computers, powerpoint presentations and also the internet technology has brought about teaching in a very different dimension. The education system has become computer dominated and has gone beyong notebooks and blackboards. Nowadays it is more possible for audience and students who are located in very different geographical areas to get access to lectures which are being conducted through video conferencing. Also many websites are promoting the online tutoring which means you do not have to attend to a classroom to get educations,you can do it at the comfort of your home.

Social networking websites are the order of the day nowadays. Websites like twitter and facebook have given birth to the new concept of social media marketing. The business networking and personal online dating have greatly been improved. Meeting the new people online has given way to the rise of the billion dollar industry of dating.
Communication has been made easier for example the internet has brought email and chatting facilities. Instead of sending letters to respective destinations, it is very easy to send an email which will be received instantly.

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